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Hidden Water Damage Coverage

Home Insurance Add-On*

  • Protection from damage you can't see**
  • Water damage insurance for wear and tear, decay and rust**

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What is hidden water damage coverage?

Our hidden water damage coverage helps repair water damage caused by a hidden leak you can’t see within walls, floors and behind home appliances.
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Hidden Water Damage Coverage Examples

Hidden leaks can cause extensive damage and often occur when your home’s internal systems (such as plumbing) deteriorate over time. Worse, they can go unseen for years. Here are three ways hidden water damage insurance can help.
Did you Know?
We also offer water damage and sump pump failure coverage. It can help pay for repairs caused by water leaking into your home due to a backed-up drain or an overflowing sump.
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Plumbing Leaks

While renovating your bathroom, you find extensive damage from a leaking pipe in the wall. The hidden water damage coverage you get when adding this endorsement to your policy can help with repair costs.
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Hidden Water Damage Behind a Home Appliance

When replacing your washing machine, you discover that it's been leaking for a while and caused damage to your flooring below. This coverage can help you fix it.
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Mold Removal Following Hidden Water Damage

While repairing hidden water damages, you discover mold. This coverage can help with the remediation costs associated with mold removal.
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