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Meet Our Brand Ambassadors

We proudly partner with fearless dreamers who use their dream pursuits and achievements to inspire and champion others.

Teaming Up to Support Your Dreams

Jonathan Silver Scott, Jonathan Silver Scott are posing for a picture

Our Brand Ambassadors

At American Family Insurance, our mission is to inspire, protect and restore dreams — because we believe a dream is the most valuable thing you’ll ever own. That’s why we’ve teamed up with incredible individuals who embody what it takes to dream fearlessly and share their wisdom and support to fellow dreamers.

When we partner with an ambassador, it’s more than what they’ve accomplished, it’s also how they pursued and achieved their dream. As our brand ambassadors pursue their dreams day-in and day-out, they also carve out the time and space to support others and communities, making the world a better place to dream.

Learn more about our brand ambassadors as they share their tips and lessons learned so you can pursue your dreams with newfound motivation and confidence.

Success Stories of Our All-Star Dreamers

Jonathan Silver Scott, Jonathan Silver Scott are posing for a picture

The Scott Brothers

Drew and Jonathan Scott are dedicated to designing and creating safe, quality homes for people all across the county. Learn how these charismatic brothers have inspired millions to dream big, roll up their sleeves and turn houses into homes.
Derek Jeter in a suit

Derek Jeter

Achieving greatness takes determination and hustle, and no one understands that better than Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee, Derek Jeter. With his never-quit mentality, here’s how Derek overcame obstacles and accomplished one dream after the next.
Kathy Ireland with long hair

Kathy Ireland

When one of the biggest supermodels in the world decided she wanted to launch her new business with branded socks, many said it couldn’t be done. Learn how Kathy blocked out the naysayers and grew her company to become a multibillion-dollar brand.
Christian Yelich holding a baseball bat

Christian Yelich

Making it to the big leagues in baseball takes more than athleticism or skill — Christian Yelich had to stay disciplined, humble and persevere to achieve his dream. Here’s how he worked his way to the top and the lessons he learned along the way.
Steve Stricker smiling for the camera

Steve Stricker

Steve Stricker may be known for his successful golf career, spanning over 25 years, but what makes Steve an inspiration to all dreamers is what he does on and off the green. Learn about Steve's dream journey and how he's used his success to give back to others.
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Brand Ambassadors at Dreambank

Want to hear our brand ambassadors’ stories from their perspective? Check out these inspiring video presentations featuring our brand ambassadors, hosted by DreamBank — an inspirational community destination and digital experience dedicated to supporting dreamers.
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Support for Your Dream

We want to provide you with the support your dreams deserve. Whether you’re looking for self-improvement resources, tips to grow professionally or inspiration to make a difference in your community, our Support for Your Dream Initiative can provide you with the education and tools to make it happen.