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Personal Property Insurance Coverage

Coverage in your Standard Homeowners Policy

  • Receive coverage for furniture, electronics, jewelry and other kinds of belongings
  • Repair or replace personal possessions that were damaged in covered events, up to your policy limits

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What Does Personal Property Insurance Cover?

Personal property insurance covers your household belongings. If a covered incident leaves them damaged or lost, you may receive reimbursement for the cost of repairs or replacement (after paying the policy deductible).

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Examples: How Personal Property Coverage Protects You

Answering the question of “What is personal property coverage?” means more than a simple definition. These real-life scenarios can show how it protects you when the unthinkable happens.

Did you know?

“Personal property insurance does not cover damages caused by floods or earthquakes. Homeowners in certain high-risk areas may need to purchase additional coverage.”
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Natural disaster coverage

In most policies, your belongings are covered for getting damaged or destroyed in wildfires, windstorms, tornadoes and more. Under certain conditions, personal property protection may also cover damage from smoke, ice, snow and sleet.
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House fire coverage

Flames and smoke from a house fire can damage and destroy your valuable belongings. Personal property insurance may cover these losses. This makes restoring and replacing easier.
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Personal property theft

The cost of replacing your stolen property may be more than you think. Silverware, rugs, tools, and cabinets can all be covered under the standard policy.

Table 1: Coverage for Damage from Named Perils

If any of the items in this table are damaged or destroyed due to a peril that’s named on your policy, your policy provides coverage up to the limit listed. You can choose additional coverage to increase these limits.


Coverage Limit

Jewelry, Gemstones, Watches and Furs
Money, Banknotes, Coins
Stamps, Securities, Passports and Tickets
Business Property
Trading Cards and Comic Books
Watercraft (Including Trailers and Accessories)

Table 2: Coverage for Theft

This table highlights your coverage limits for the theft of certain types of property, like the items below. You can choose additional coverage to increase these limits.


Coverage Limit

Flatware and Tableware
Rugs and Tapestries
Tools, Tool Boxes, Benches and Cabinets
Firearms and Related Accessories
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