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Water Backup & Sump Pump Failure Coverage

Home Insurance Add-On

  • Helps pay for water damage repairs to your basement from a backed-up drain tile or failed sump pump
  • Protect your finances from losses that standard homeowners insurance doesn't usually cover

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What is water backup & sump pump failure coverage?

When sump pumps fail, fixing the resulting extensive water damage may be expensive. This coverage can help pay for those damages and restore your basement to its original state.
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How Water Backup & Sump Pump Failure Coverage Protects You

Water backup and sump pump failure coverage help pay for costly basement repairs after a covered loss up to your policy limits. They also help replace damaged belongings. Learn more from the following examples.
Did you know?
Installing smart water leak detectors can also help limit the financial damages caused by water damage. You may even get insurance discounts with our Safe, Secure, Smart Home program.**
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Sewer System Failure

Backed-up sewer lines can overflow into your home, causing damage to your basement that could require expensive repairs. Adding water backup coverage to your home insurance policy can help you recover from these types of unexpected costs.

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Sump Pump Overflow

Sump systems are designed to drain water, but certain problems can cause them to overflow instead. They can fail when the sump pump breaks down or loses power. This policy may help to cover repairs or replacement for water damage.

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Blocked Drain Tile

Drain tile absorbs and channels water away from your home's foundation. Obstacles like tree roots can clog the tile, causing water to enter your basement instead. This coverage can help pay for damage that occurs because of this event.*

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