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Loss of Use Coverage

Home Insurance Add-On

Loss of use coverage helps pay for temporary living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable after a covered loss.*

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What is loss of use coverage?

Loss of use (Coverage D) is a part of standard home insurance policies. It helps pay for additional living expenses, such as a hotel, if a covered event damages your home, making it unfit to live in while repairs are made.**
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How Loss of Use Coverage Protects You*

Additional living expense coverage helps protect you from unexpected losses to keep your dreams on track.
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Did you know?
If you file a claim, you can confirm which additional living expenses qualify for reimbursement. Then keep detailed records of those expenses.
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Temporary Housing

You had a kitchen fire and must move out while the damages are repaired. Your homeowners insurance policy’s additional living expense coverage helps pay for your hotel stay.
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Increased Transportation Costs

Your daily commute from your new temporary residence has increased by 4 miles. The loss of use portion of your homeowners insurance helps pay for the added mileage.
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Added Food Costs

Your monthly grocery bill has doubled now that you’re staying in a hotel while your home is restored. Your homeowners insurance policy’s loss of use coverage helps reimburse you for the increase.
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Increased Utilities

Your temporary rental isn’t equipped with energy-efficient appliances, and your electric bill is higher than usual. Your home insurance policy’s additional living expense coverage mitigates the added cost.
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New Parking Fees

You temporarily moved into a hotel with a daily parking fee of $10. Your homeowners insurance policy’s loss of use coverage helps reimburse you for the charges.
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Pet Boarding Costs

Your short-term rental doesn’t allow pets, so you must board your dog while your home is repaired. The additional living expense coverage in your home insurance policy helps cover the charges.
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