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Scheduled Property Coverage

Insurance Add-On

  • Provides more coverage against more risks for your most valuable belongings
  • Add to a home, condo, renters or manufactured home insurance policy

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What is scheduled personal property coverage?

Home, condo, renters and manufactured home insurance all offer some personal property coverage. This add-on goes beyond their limits. Use it to protect your most valuable items against a variety of risks.

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Scheduled Personal Property Coverage Examples

Personal property coverage is included in homeowners insurance. Sometimes, however, you need more. Here are a few examples where itemized property coverage might help you.


Jewel Theft

Someone steals your prized jewelry, valued at $2,500. This may be more than your standard homeowners policy covers. Scheduled personal property coverage comes with higher limits, which could cover the full price of your stolen goods.

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Damaged Cameras

A sudden rainstorm during a photoshoot leaves your professional-grade camera soaked. It can be restored, but at an exorbitant cost. If you schedule your camera in advance, personal property coverage may lower the cost.

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Destroyed Collectibles

A house fire reduces part of your stamp collection to ash. Itemizing that collection beforehand can make rebuilding easier and less expensive.
Did you know?

When sump pumps fail, excess water in your basement can damage many belongings at once. Sump pump failure and water backup coverage can do much to help.

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