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Control what you pay based on your safe driving behavior
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What is DriveMyWay?

DriveMyWay is our pay-how-drive insurance program. It personalizes your auto insurance rate based on your safe driving behaviors. The safer you drive, the more you can save. You can even earn up to a 10% introductory discount on your car insurance just for enrolling.* 

Imagine if you could have more control over what you pay for auto insurance.

With DriveMyWay from American Family Insurance, you can.

DriveMyWay is a usage-based insurance program that personalizes your auto insurance rate based on your safe driving behaviors.

In other words, you pay how you drive. The safer you drive, the more you can save — between 5% and 20%!

When you enroll in DriveMyWay, you’ll automatically receive an introductory discount on your auto premium — up to 10%. You can maximize your savings when all drivers on your policy participate.

Once you’re enrolled, download the free smartphone app.

The app tracks your driving habits, such as how frequently your vehicle slows or stops abruptly, how much time you spend driving over the speed limit, and if you engage in phone use, such as texting while driving.

That information helps us determine your personalized insurance rate. Most customers actively enrolled in the program will save between 5% and 20%, although higher-risk drivers may see their rate increase.

Your DriveMyWay score will be front and center each time you launch the app. The higher your score, the bigger your savings!

The app also gives you a closer look at your driving behaviors, along with personalized recommendations to increase your savings!

You’ll have a full 100 days to try out DriveMyWay. Before the trial period ends, you’ll have the opportunity to choose between three participation options.

Option one.

Keep the app for the opportunity to improve your personalized rate at your next renewal — plus enjoy a 5% ongoing participation savings as long as you continue participating in the program.

Option two.

After the 100-day trial period, if you choose to stop participating in the program, your most recent driving score will still be used to calculate your personalized rate, but you won’t need to continue using the app.

Option three.

If you decide DriveMyWay isn’t for you, simply contact your American Family agent to unenroll before the 100-day trial period ends. Your score will not be used to calculate your personalized rate.

Ready to pay based on how you drive and take more control over what you pay for car insurance?

Contact your American Family Insurance agent to enroll in DriveMyWay today!

Best For:

  • Drivers who avoid speeding and don’t often slam on the brakes
  • Drivers who avoid using cell phones or texting while driving
  • Drivers who want to improve their driving skills and save on car insurance


More Ways to Save with DriveMyWay

Here are a few tips to help you maximize your DriveMyWay discount
Stay off phone

Stay Off Your Phone

To maximize your discount, drive safe by not texting, calling, or using handheld devices*
Avoid Late Driving

Avoid Late Night Driving

Limit driving trips between 12 AM and 4 AM since the roads can be more dangerous then
Limit hard breaking

Limit Hard Braking

Minimize risk of accidents by leaving a gap between your car and the car in front of you to avoid abrupt stops
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