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Classic Car Coverage

Auto Insurance Add-On

  • Protect your classic car with customizable coverage that fits your needs
  • Classic car insurance for your rare or vintage ride that you don’t use as your primary vehicle

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What is classic car coverage?

Classic car insurance is an auto policy built for your prized ride's unique needs. It covers vehicles valued above the average price range of similar cars in their class.*

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How Classic Coverage Protects Your Car

We know you want to keep your vintage or specialty vehicle pristine. Learn how our classic car insurance delivers coverages that help you protect your prized vehiclefrom the following examples.

Did you know?
When you file a claim, you pay your deductible before insurance pays the balance. Deductibles are usually $100, $250 or $500. Get a custom comprehensive car insurance quote to learn more.
Car collision damage

You're Involved in a Collision

You accidentally backed into your garage door and need a new bumper. Our classic car insurance can help you replace it with collision coverage.*

Windshield damage

Your Windshield Cracks

While on the freeway, a truck in front of you sends small rocks into your windshield, cracking it. The comprehensive portion of your classic car insurance policy covers zero-deductible windshield repairs. It can also help replace it.**

Red car with with front bumper damage

Someone Hits Your Car and Runs

While parked in a parking lot, another vehicle dents your classic car, and the driver didn't leave a note. The uninsured motorist portion of your classic car insurance can help you fix it.*

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