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Collision Insurance Coverage

Car Insurance Add-On

  • Protects you from expensive repairs after an accident
  • Keeps out-of-pocket costs down if your car is damaged in an accident, whether it's your fault or not

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What is collision insurance coverage?

Collision insurance covers repairs or replacements after an accident, regardless of fault. It can be anything from hitting another vehicle to hitting a tree, guardrail or mailbox.
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How Collision Insurance Protects Your Car

Accidents happen. Collision insurance helps pay to fix or replace your car if it's damaged in an accident with another vehicle or object. Here are some events that could happen to anyone and how collision coverage can help.
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Experian reports that the cost to replace or repair a car bumper can range from $100 to $2,000.**
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Getting Side-Swiped, T-Boned or Rear-Ended

While driving to the grocery store, you're rear-ended by another driver. Having collision insurance can help you cover the repairs.
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Backing into a Tree

While backing out of a parking spot, you didn’t see the tree behind you, and you backed right into it. Collision coverage can help pay for the resulting dent.
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Rolling over on Black Ice

While driving on the highway, you're caught off guard by black ice on the road. You lose control of your car, and it flips over. A collision policy covers you in an accident even when no other vehicle or objects are involved.
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