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Comprehensive Car Insurance

Car Insurance Add-On

  • Helps replace or repair your car
  • Covers non-collision events such as fire, theft and vandalism

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What is comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive coverage is an add-on to your primary car insurance policy. It helps pay for losses from non-collision events such as theft or hail damage.

How Comprehensive Car Insurance Works

Comprehensive car insurance can help repair or replace your vehicle if involved in a covered event. The coverage excludes collisions with other vehicles or objects but helps pay for the following losses.*
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Did you know?
When you file a claim, you pay your deductible before insurance pays the balance. Deductibles are usually $100, $250 or $500. Get a custom comprehensive car insurance quote to learn more.
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You return to your car after a ballgame to find that someone has keyed your car. Your comprehensive car insurance can help you fix it.*
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Natural Disasters

A lightning bolt strikes a tree branch, causing it to crash into your windshield. Your comprehensive auto insurance can help you replace it.*
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You do some holiday shopping at the mall, and now that it's time to go home, your car is nowhere to be found. Thankfully, your comprehensive car insurance can help you replace it.*
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Accidents with Animals

A raccoon breaks into your car through a cracked window and damages its interior. Your comprehensive car insurance can help you repair your car.*
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Due to a wiring issue, your car's engine catches fire, and its warranty has long expired. Your comprehensive auto insurance coverage can help you repair the damages.*
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A severe hailstorm dents your vehicle and cracks your windshield. Your comprehensive auto insurance can help you repair the damage.*
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