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Snowmobile Insurance Coverage

Our customizable snowmobile insurance covers you, your vehicle and your gear in an emergency.

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Standard Snowmobile Insurance Coverage

The right snowmobile insurance protects you in the snow and beyond. Learn more about our snowmobile coverages and build a custom policy that fits your needs.
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What does a snowmobile insurance policy cover?

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Types of Coverage in a Snowmobile Policy

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Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

A comprehensive insurance policy covers theft, fire, vandalism and falling objects. A collision policy protects you, up to the policy's limit, if you roll over or crash into another snowmobile. No matter who's at fault, you're covered.
Another driver bumps their car into yours as they back out of a parking spot. Collision coverage can assist with any repairs you may need.
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Liability: Bodily Injury & Property Damage

Our liability coverage protects you if you cause an accident in the snow. It'll help cover the other person’s injuries, property damage, first aid, lost wages and court costs so you can focus on your sport. You, your family and friends who drive it with your permission are also covered.*
After a fender-bender, the other driver goes to the hospital with a broken nose. Bodily injury liability compensates for their medical bill.
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Personal Property Coverage

Personal property insurance covers your belongings up to $200 if they get damaged in an accident.*
You misjudge how close you are to the curb and your car breaks a neighbor’s mailbox. Property damage liability helps cover the purchase of a new one.
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Safety Apparel Coverage

Don’t forget your snowmobile gear. Get up to $1,000 of safety apparel coverage for your helmet, boots and other gear and ride in safety.*
Your home suffers a fire with extensive damage to your personal property and valuables. This portion of your homeowners insurance helps you repair and replace them.

Snowmobile Insurance Coverage Add-Ons

Additional coverages can help pay for significant out-of-pocket expenses. Customize your snowmobile insurance policy further with add-ons to meet your specific needs.
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