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American Family Insurance is committed to protecting businesses like yours, so you can continue to thrive and succeed. That’s why we’re supplying you these valuable resources to help you take care of your business and the people that help it grow every day.

What Is Loss Control & Risk Management?

A loss control and risk management program seeks to reduce potential losses that could occur at your place of business. An effective program includes mitigation and damage control during an incident, claims management and recovering from the loss once it has occurred, and reviewing and implementing ways to prevent recurrence. This is done by analyzing potential hazards and risks in the workplace, implementing controls, practices, policies and training for employees on best safety practices. A loss control program can start small and evolve over time.

To sum it up? Loss control is having effective safety and risk management program in place in order to protect your employees, assets and keep your business goals on track. Through our loss control resources, American Family Insurance helps our policyholders reduce claims and losses by providing informative instructive safety and risk management information.

Trinidad Perez: Greetings from the lost control department at American Family Insurance, where we are serious as you are about protecting your dreams.

Perez: My name is Trinidad Perez and I'm a safety consultant and our lost control department.

On screen: Trinidad Perez, Safety Consultant

Perez: We're excited to have you as a customer and would like to talk to you about the advantages of lost control services and your business.

Protecting your employees, your assets and your bottom line is our objective. Our focus is on keeping your business safe, and profitable.

First, I'd like to tell you exactly what loss control means. Loss control is a risk management technique that seeks to reduce the possibility that a loss will occur and reduce the severity of those that do occur. A loss control program should help policyholders reduce claims and insurance companies reduce losses through safety and risk management information, and services.

Our role at American Family as safety consultants is to partner with our business owners to help manage risk and reduce potential losses. We know that doing so has an immediate financial impact on your profitability. Research shows that those businesses that are safer who manage risk more efficiently and control their losses are more profitable. We do this by providing different ways to manage your risk and achieve important safety goals.

We have tools and resources at our disposal to help you establish and implement a safety program that will work for you. Lastly, we do offer Spanish bilingual assistance and resources.

We believe you should receive the protection you need at the lowest possible cost. When risks are identified and controlled only then is your insurance protection working as hard as it possibly can. American Family Insurance customers know that every day, on every policy, for virtually every kind of business, we commit to your success.

Ask your American Family Insurance agent how lost control and safety services can help you manage your exposure to risk, provide a safer place to work and protect your business's profitability.

Thanks again for insuring with American Family, where we are dedicated to protecting your dreams.

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American Family Insurance

Loss Control Team

Our Loss Control team supports you and your business by taking a proactive approach to safety and loss control issues. They’re dedicated to working with you to build a safety program that increases the safety and security of your employees and assets, to help reduce the frequency of claims and ultimately lower insurance costs.

Our programs employ a variety of approaches and techniques, including:

  • Conducting safety and health training for employees
  • Research of technical topics
  • Assistance in Federal regulation compliance
  • Safety and health audits
  • Assistance in fleet safety loss control program development
  • Assistance in construction safety programs and job site inspection programs
  • Ergonomic review of operations
  • Assistance in safety and health program development
  • Discovering hazards and developing recommendations for improvement

Connect with your American Family Insurance agent to learn more about working with a loss control specialist, or email cfrsalessupport@amfam.com with any inquiries.

Articles, Guides, Checklists & Logs

Learn how to better protect your business with our safety and risk management materials, from auto and fleet, employee safety, property and security to a number of other topics.

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