Celebrating Mothers Who Keep You Fearless

Updated April 4, 2020 . AmFam Team

This Mother’s Day, join us as we celebrate mothers and mother figures everywhere.

When you think about the meaning of Mother’s Day, what comes to mind? We believe it’s a day to acknowledge the dedication and devotion a mother has to the ones she loves. We believe it’s a day to celebrate the influence they have in our lives. And most of all, we believe it's a day to share our appreciation for their endless support and encouragement to keep going, keep believing.

Two years ago, Jonah won a Best in Show ribbon at the local fair for his custom crocheted quilt. He was really close to not entering the contest once he learned he would be the youngest person.

He immediately felt that he wouldn’t have a chance until his mom asked him, “Jonah, what are your chances of winning if you don’t enter?” So he did, and he won. Jonah said his mom has never backed down from a challenge and she’s teaching him to do the same.

Jonah is an avid reader and had a dream to build a library in Ethiopia, where he’s from. Nine months later, with the help of his mom, the library was created. His mom continues to teach him the importance of being a leader, having a good work ethic and being fearless. For Jonah, being fearless means not quitting and pursuing your dream regardless of failure or what other people think.

Greatest Piece of Advice from Mom:

Your best can become better.

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