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RV Insurance Coverage

Protect your open-road adventures with customizable RV insurance built to fit your needs. It covers a variety of recreational vehicles, including motorhomes, campers and trailers.

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Standard RV Insurance Coverage

Our standard RV coverage goes the extra mile to protect you and your motorhome or camper. It also covers your vacation, belongings, passengers and pets.
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What does an RV insurance policy cover?

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Types of RV Insurance Coverage

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Liability Protection

Liability insurance helps cover expenses associated with injury, death and property damages. It delivers coverage if you or others driving your RV cause an accident.
Your spouse pulls into a parking lot and hits a store’s low-hanging sign. This portion of your RV insurance can help you replace the store's property.
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Collision Coverage

Collision coverage protects you from RV loss or damage caused by a rollover or collision with another vehicle or stationary object. It delivers coverage regardless of who is at fault.
You scrape your vehicle against a large rock while backing out of your camping spot. This portion of your RV coverage helps pay to fix the damages.
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Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage helps protect you from RV damage and loss. It covers fire, theft, vandalism and falling objects.
A cooling system failure in your camper’s or motorhome's refrigerator causes a small fire. This portion of your RV insurance helps you pay for repairs up to your coverage limit.
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Limited Pet Coverage

Limited pet coverage helps protect your cat or dog in your camper or motorhome after an accident or other covered loss. Limited to $1,000 total for all pets.
A truck rear-ended your vehicle, and now both your dogs are limping. This portion of your RV insurance can pay up to $1,000 for their combined veterinary bills.
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Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage helps mitigate costs associated with losing covered personal property. It must be contained in, attached to or used in connection with your camper or motorhome (within 25 feet). This policy is limited to $500, but you can purchase more coverage to increase it.
When you swerve to avoid a deer, your new camera flies off the counter, cracking its lens. This portion of your RV insurance can help you fix it.
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Medical Expense Coverage

Medical expense coverage covers you and others in your camper or motorhome. It helps pay reasonable and necessary medical expenses due to accident-related bodily injury, regardless of who's at fault.
You're in a minor collision; you and your passenger are injured and need to see a doctor. This portion of your RV insurance can help financially protect you from the costs.*
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Customization Coverage

Customization coverage helps protect your additional equipment, devices, accessories and enhancements added to your RV. While it includes $1,000 of coverage, you can increase it to $50,000.
A windstorm breaks your new awning in the middle of the night. This portion of your RV insurance can help you replace it.*
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Vacation Expense Coverage

Vacation expense coverage provides up to $200 for lodging costs if your RV becomes uninhabitable while on vacation due to damage or destruction from a covered loss.
Your partner sideswiped a tree, and now your slides are jammed shut. This portion of your RV insurance coverage enables you to get a hotel while your slides get fixed.

RV Insurance Add-Ons

Protect your open-road adventures from the unexpected by customizing your RV insurance with our add-on coverages.
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