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Condo Insurance Coverage

Protect your home from unexpected events with condominium insurance. Our condo coverage goes beyond typical association policies with a plan that can extend to the improvements you’ve made to your unit and belongings.

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Condo Insurance Coverage in a Standard Policy

Our standard condo coverage is tailored to your unique needs. It helps cover insurance essentials such as your interior, liability and personal belongings.
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What does standard condo insurance cover?

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Different Types of Condo Insurance Coverage

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Coverage for Your Home

Dwelling Coverage A

Condos are large buildings, but only one small part is your home. This coverage protects the portion of your condo unit that you are responsible for, including the walls, floors and cabinets.

Hanging art inside your unit leaves a hole in the wall. Dwelling coverage assists with sealing the gap and restoring the wall.
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Personal Property Coverage

Coverage C

This coverage accounts for a variety of situations that could result in loss or damage to your condo and your personal property. Covered events include various weather phenomena, power surges, water damage and more.**

A fire breaks out in your building, and the condo association will be responsible for structural damage in your unit but not your torched belongings. Personal property coverage will take on that responsibility and help with replacement up to your policy limits.
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Coverage for Living Expenses

Loss of Use Coverage D

Certain circumstances may render your condo unlivable for some time. This protection helps cover the additional cost of a hotel stay and other living expenses, such as food. Fair rental value is available as a separate purchase.

A fire causes major damage to your condo, and you can’t live in it during repairs. Temporary living expenses make it easier to have a roof over your head.
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Liability Protection Coverage

Personal Liability Coverage E

This addition may help provide financial protection for covered liability claims and lawsuits brought by others for accidental bodily injury or damage to their property that are accidentally caused by you, your children or pets.

A visiting friend falls on your freshly mopped floor and injures their leg. Liability protection coverage helps financially protect you against an injury claim.
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Coverage for Medical Expenses

Medical Expense Coverage F

When an accident involves bodily injury to others, count on this coverage to help take care of medical payments up to policy limits. It applies regardless of your legal responsibility.

A guest trips and falls down your stairs due to loose carpeting, breaking their foot in the process. Medical expense coverages may help pay for their hospital treatment.

Additional Condo Insurance Coverages

How much coverage for condo insurance do you need? Our standard policy is designed to offer kinds of coverage not provided by condo associations. With that said, additional coverages can offer even greater protection from even more events.
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Water-Related Add-Ons

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Add-Ons for Your Belongings

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In-Unit Add-Ons

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Save for the Unexpected with Diminishing Deductible Coverage

Our Diminishing Deductible coverage rewards you for being a responsible homeowner. It credits your deductible $100 each year, up to your policy maximum, helping you control what you pay for your condo coverage.†

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