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Boat & Watercraft Insurance

Protect your watercraft from the unexpected with customizable boat insurance.

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Boat & Watercraft Insurance Coverage

Get peace of mind coverage for your watercraft on land and in the water. We offer standard and add-on coverages so you can build a policy that fits your needs.

What does a boat insurance policy cover?

Boat Insurance Coverage Types

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Physical Damage Coverage

Protect your watercraft against most accidental damage or loss while it’s afloat, in transit or in storage. This coverage usually includes your manufacturer-installed equipment, outboard motor, sails, spars and rigging.
Your boat isn’t where you left it docked last night, with evidence pointing to theft. Physical damage coverage may pay for a replacement.
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Boat Liability Coverage

Boat owners can be held legally responsible for injuries or property damage resulting from accidents. That may include accidents involving water skiers, swimmers, collisions with docks or other boats and more. We offer a range of liability coverage limits to protect you, including paying for first aid and defense expenses.
While docking your boat at a marina, you accidentally leave an unsightly scratch on another person’s boat. Boat liability coverage can help pay for the damage.
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Medical Expense Coverage

This boat insurance policy covers medical services within policy limits for your passengers, regardless of who is at fault.
You and your best friend go to the hospital after a fishing trip gone wrong, with bills totaling $6,000. Medical expense coverage with a $10,000 policy limit will pay for both of you.
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Fuel or Oil Spill Cleanup Coverage

Every boat and watercraft policy includes up to $10,000 per loss for fuel or oil cleanup from an accidental spill. The limit for this coverage in any 12-month policy period is $20,000, which you can choose to increase.
A leak in your motor caused fuel to spill on your driveway, leaving an inky trail. Fuel and oil spill cleanup coverage helps pay for the removal effort.
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Emergency Roadside & On-Water Service Coverage

Watercraft breakdown services are included with every physical damage plan. This coverage starts at $500 and can be increased as necessary. This includes mechanical labor at the breakdown site, towing for repairs and the delivery of fresh fuel supplies.
Your vessel’s engine breaks down far from the marina, leaving you stranded. Emergency on-water service coverage brings a mechanic to your boat and helps you return to land safely.
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Watercraft Equipment Coverage

Our physical damage policies include up to $3,000 of watercraft equipment coverage. But you can increase your limit to fit your needs. It covers boat accessories not installed by the manufacturer as part of the original sale. Covered items include safety gear, water sports equipment and auxiliary outboard motors.
Your watercraft trailer is in bad shape after some rough waters. Watercraft equipment coverage can handle repairs or replacement up to the policy’s maximum.

Additional Boat & Watercraft Insurance Options

Build your custom boat insurance policy with these optional add-on coverages.
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Boat & Equipment Damage Add-Ons

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Total Loss Coverage Add-Ons

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Personal Property Coverage Add-Ons

Types of Boat Insurance

Our boat insurance covers a variety of watercraft types. Check out the following coverages for more information.
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Bass & Fishing

Bass and fishing boat coverage protects your vessel from physical damage and medical expenses. It also covers bodily injury and property damage liability. You can buy more coverage for your accessories, such as trolling motors, rod lockers and pedestal seats.
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Power & Speed

Our powerboat coverage protects cruisers, cuddy cabins, bowriders and more. You can also add our watercraft equipment coverage for sports gear, such as skis and wakeboards.
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Personal Watercraft

Our personal watercraft coverage protects vessels built for one to three riders. Common examples include Jet Skis, Sea-Doos and WaveRunners. Add-on coverages, including medical expense coverage and fuel spill protection, can also be helpful.
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Houseboats are typically equipped with a kitchen, bedrooms and other cozy accommodations. We offer standard houseboat coverage and helpful add-ons, such as depreciation-free repair coverage.
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Our non-motorized boat coverage protects canoes, kayaks, sailboards and other non-motorized watercraft. You can also buy additional insurance for your water adventures, such as personal effects coverage.
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Catamarans, dinghies, day sailors—if it has a sail—our sailboat coverage may be able to protect it. We also offer add-on coverages for more protection. For example, our emergency roadside and on-water assistance can get you home if the wind dies on you.

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