My team is here to serve. Our unique backgrounds, training and experience have prepared us well to help meet your insurance needs. Additionally, as residents of your community, we understand how important it is to be there for you - our trusted friends and neighbors. Together, we're building strong partnerships that help everyone succeed.

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Sales Specialist – Life
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Sales Specialist – All Lines
Robyn Lee Domagall Robyn is the sales specialist with American Family Insurance at Doug Nordlander’s Agency. In this role, Robyn manages all aspects of Personal Insurance & Business Insurance, including homeowners, auto, life, rental properties, HOAs and all Commercial Insurance. Robyn strives to design an insurance policy specifically for each individual and their unique needs. Before joining American Family Insurance in 2017, Robyn worked for over 8 years in a diverse range of organizations, including wedding, industrial, alterations and design. Robyn specializes in commercial insurance and has successfully served a range of clients including Landlords, HOAs, Property Management Companies and Small Business Owners. Robyn is also a small business owner herself. She is the creator/owner of LeeDomagalla Designs which is a customized clothing and upholstery service. This service includes a wide variety of options such as any and all alterations, upholstering, ready to wear clothing and customized fabrications. Robyn has also worked as the Alteration Manager for @Davids Bridal,a large bridal company at three different locations across the U.S. including Texas, Florida and Colorado for over 5 years. Robyn offers a wide range of programs and services, from advice to education and options. After a successful career in alterations, Robyn now coaches’ peers and colleagues how to achieve the same level of success. Passionate about entrepreneurship and its possibilities, Robyn provides one on one services that help build a foundation and understand for what each and every partnership needs and deserves in an insurance and professional relationship. Robyn is available for private consultations Monday through Friday 10:30am to 5pm, evenings and weekends by appointment only, and can be reached at (303) 771-3005 or by email