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Mini Home Makeover Ideas

Updated April 4, 2022 . AmFam Team

Whether you are looking for a home update or you want to boost the value of your home, we’ve got some great mini makeover ideas that you’ll love!

Not every home renovation needs to start with a bulldozer and a sledge hammer, in fact, some of the best makeovers are pretty inexpensive and pain free! Whether you’re looking to improve your space for living or selling, we’ve got some great home decorating ideas that will help you on your path to fresh, new décor.

Grab That Paintbrush and Go

In the grand scheme of home décor, paint is pretty inexpensive. A little paint can go a long way and a lot of paint can change the entire feel of a home. Paint gives you the flexibility to try the latest colors without a big commitment, if you don’t like it — change it.

The best way to approach paint is to think outside the box — or outside the walls as the case may be. A splash of color can update furniture, trim, light fixtures, fireplaces, brick, patios, and more.

Then go beyond thinking of paint as strictly paint and explore the options you have with magnetic paint, chalkboard paint, glitter additives and more. Paint gets more and more exciting all the time and you’re only limited by your imagination.

Wallpaper is All the Rage

Wallpaper hasn’t had its turn in the spotlight for quite a while so now it’s prepared to really shine! Today’s wallpaper options are so dynamic and exciting, you’ll want to paper every wall. Moving away from quaint floral patterns of the past, you can now get bold and bright wallpaper with soft texture or shimmery surfaces. You can even buy wallpaper with LED lights embedded in the paper.

Not only has the look and feel of wallpaper changed, the application method has changed also. You can use the traditional paste method or self-adhesive wallpaper. Paste gives you the flexibility to move the piece a little bit once it’s on the wall to get the best alignment. Peel-and-stick wallpaper does not have that flexibility, but it easily peels off the wall so once you’re sick of it, it’s gone with little effort.

Wallpaper also has some of the great versatility that paint does and can be used in a variety of places throughout the house. Get creative and start wallpapering everything!

Change the Lights in Your Home

Lighting can have a great impact on a room. Move a lamp and stand back to see how it illuminates the space differently. Now change the wattage of the bulb and look at what a difference that makes. And that’s just the simple changes, imagine what new light fixtures would do to your space. A copper lamp can brighten and warm up a forgotten corner. Replace your ornate chandelier with simple pendant lights and Edison bulbs — the entire vibe becomes more casual and funky.

Another wonderful way to update your home for less is to change the lightbulbs to smart lightbulbs. These bulbs are tied to your home assistant (like Alexa), your smartphone or your tablet. With a tap you can dim them, change their illumination color, and even change their purpose. Go from task lighting to ambient light in a snap — or a click as the case may be. This is also a good entry point if you’re looking to try some smart home technology.

Backsplash and Tiles

Investing in an upgrade for your kitchen or bathroom is one of the best ways to improve your home and to recoup your investment when it comes to resale. Giving your kitchen backsplash a new look can instantly update the room and make it feel trendy and modern. A backsplash can be expensive if you have a lot of space, but it’s more affordable if you learn how to do it yourself. It takes a little while to get the hang of it but you can do it and you’ll love it even more if you do.

Similarly, you may want to retile your bathroom or some floors in the house. A little practice will make perfect and it gives you a great sense of accomplishment.

Make Your Art Matter

Whether you have great art or a modest collection of photos, you can boost their appeal until they become a focal point. Reframing art with brightly colored frames or mats instantly catches the eye. Creating a gallery wall is a hot trend and with bold, statement art it can transform a room. If you don’t have anything on your walls, the easiest way to give your home a mini makeover is to add some. And you don’t need to break the bank! Consider creating shadow boxes of your favorite things, frame family photos, paint frames on the wall and stick your pictures inside, pin up maps, pull out heirlooms and give them the attention they deserve. Then refresh the look seasonally so it always has an air of excitement.

Open the Door to New Style

Barn doors are all the rage in modern home décor, and they’re actually something you can do yourself. In fact, you can shop around flea markets, antique stores and farm auctions to find the right door for you.

If you don’t like the idea of a barn door, how about just upgrading your doors? Trim added to closet doors creates an unexpected accent. Mirrors and glass insets on your doors also give the space a surprising sense of clean excitement. And there’s always the paint option for a brand new look without spending a lot.

Take Stock of Your Textiles

From your bedding, to your window treatments, throw pillows and blankets, seat cushions — no matter where you have a textile in the house, think about changing it. A fresh new color, a vibrant print, a subtle solid — these changes can instantly give your space new energy, create excitement or calm and soothe your soul. Many of these textiles are easy to change seasonally so you’re always surrounding yourself with a fresh sense of joy that compliments Mother Nature.

Bring the Outside In

And, speaking of Mother Nature, incorporating natural elements is a delightful way to freshen up a tired, old room. Not to mention, some plants can improve the air quality in your home. While plants are a quick and easy way to add a nod of nature, there are other ways as well. A handcrafted wood table takes the center stage when it lets the nature of the wood shine. A frame decorated with collected shells and other beach treasures speaks of your favorite vacations and becomes a conversation piece. Or simple pictures of flowers or scenic views can make your home feel more connected to the great outdoors.

Look to the Floor

While new flooring is probably not possible on our limited $1000 budget, a few throw rugs are. Today’s home stagers like to layer throw rugs to create a super-cozy effect with a pop of pattern and color. Try this look yourself and see how much softer your tiled and hardwood floors look.

Go Very Old or Very New

One big, statement piece of furniture really adds some excitement and gives you something to talk about. It can also form the inspiration for your future décor projects. The trick is to pick a great piece of furniture that isn’t something you see everywhere. Antiques are an easy way to find that signature room-changer, but you can also find modern furniture that has that unexpected drama.

Fix What’s Broken

Do you have a squeaky step that’s bothered you for years? Maybe you’ve got a drawer pull missing on your bathroom vanity, or another little problem that you’ve neglected? It’s very easy to get used to a little wear and tear in your home, especially when you work around it every day. While this home update tip isn’t the most exciting one, it is one that you’ll be happy you took the time to finally tackle. It may also be something prospective buyers notice if you’re looking to make a sale.

It’s amazing how a little update can change your home in significant ways. Take a step back and imagine your dream space, then incorporate what you can into your current space. The key is to surround yourself with things you love and a look that makes you happy.

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